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Stellar Superstars...Meet Mary Huron Hunter


Mary Huron Hunter (she/her) is a professional communicator, outsourced marketing director, and trained and certified coach, mediator and facilitator at MaryHuronHunter.CO. She is a seasoned communication, content and campaign architect, creator and activator whose work serving corporations, government agencies, education institutions, non-profits, small businesses, social entrepreneurs and numerous entrepreneurial ventures over her 30-year career has awarded her a unique, 360-degree world view. Whether it’s for companies, causes or caregivers, Mary’s gift/purpose is to show up for each encounter, conversation and experience with a desire to see, hear and understand the story behind the story and to uncover and bring to the surface the message that is longing to be expressed. In her coaching work, Mary understands that those who care for and serve others are particularly vulnerable to getting depleted, burned out and forgotten. Her authentic approach brings together teachings, trainings, research and studies from the positive psychology movement, non-violent communication practices, collaborative decision resources, the enneagram, brain science, and nature-based soul initiation programs in the wilderness. Mary's coaching work offers individuals and leaders the way of sovereignty, selfFULLness, liberation and wholeness through lovingly offering guidance to others for unraveling our worth from our work and finding it within, creating healthy boundaries and new ways of showing up, so we can walk more confidently and more lightheartedly on the path of our truest selves. Mary is most aligned and of service when she is listening deeply to the stories of others and reflecting what is seen, heard and needed in powerful, meaningful and transformative ways. To learn more or to schedule a free consultation, contact Mary here.

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