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We will not forget you.

Denny Stong

Neven Stanisic

Rikki Olds

Tralona Bartkowiak

Suzanne Fountain

Teri Leiker

Ofc. Eric Talley

Kevin Mahoney

Lynn Murray

Jody Waters

This last week has been horrific in Boulder, and so deeply difficult to process.

Ten lives lost.

Ten families permanently scarred.

One Boulder community indelibly changed.

We will never be the same.

As such, I've reached into my community for conversation. I've turned to nature and yoga for healing. I’ve plugged into my family and friends for connection.

I haven't fully come to grips with last week’s events or how to move forward, but I have paused and made a concerted effort to offer my help to people in my network that are really struggling. Especially those with addiction challenges.

This helps me, too.

My hope is that no one ever faces any struggle of any kind alone.

That we all reach for one another, ask for help, and lean into whatever difficulties we are facing…together.

And when we are stronger, my wish is that we pay that showing up and witnessing forward to those who need us next. And so on and so on and so on...

In that spirit, I believe we will persevere.



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