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Stellar Superstars: Meet Kathy Hagen, Magnus Anderson Hardwood Floors

Magnus Anderson Hardwood Floors was started in January 2006 by Boulder natives Kathy and Bob Hagen. The couple has a tech industry background, which makes them uniquely suited for home improvement due to their process-oriented approach.

They want to create beautiful hardwood floors that “wow” every customer, every time, and with the highest quality.

Kathy and Bob attribute their success and stellar reputation to the craftsmen who work for them. Their hard work, positive attitude, and dedication to their craft are the backbone of the company.

The services that Magnus Anderson provide are dust-free wood floor refinishing, supply of and installation of all wood flooring types and species (site-finished, prefinished, engineered hardwood, and laminates), and wood stair installation and finishing.

They have a showroom located in Erie where customers can pick which type and species of flooring they desire for their home. They want their customers to love their new wood floors.

The dust-free sanding technology Magnus Anderson uses is one of many ways they separate themselves from their competitors. The dust-containment system is in a trailer parked outside the customer's home. In the trailer, a powerful 27 horsepower engine drives a vacuum system that is connected through hoses to their sanding equipment. There is no reason to hang plastic to prevent wood dust from escaping into other areas of the home or duct system. They utilize the latest in technological resources, the highest-grade finish that is also environmentally friendly, and a high expectation of quality to ensure the best results that homeowners can enjoy for years.

Their website has pictures of their work, awards they have won, testimonials, and more information about their products and services.

Contact them if you are ready to beautify your home!


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