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Stellar Superstars: MEET Karen Barela, GingerSugar

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

GingerSugar helps people organize and reclaim space to be functional and practical. We'll help sort, organize, and rearrange belongings as needed. We can help with one closet or the whole home. Just a warning, it can be addictive! Once you feel the burden lifted by de-cluttering one area, you may want to do the whole place. It’s amazing what can be accomplished in a few hours with expert guidance.

Organizing, de-cluttering and downsizing services:

  1. Organize and group like items together so you can clearly see what you own.

  2. Sort through your belongings (with your help) and eliminate what you no longer use, want or need.

  3. De-clutter and re-arrange spaces to help promote a simpler living environment.

  4. Neatly arrange the items you want and are keeping in an accessible manner.

  5. Coordinate and oversee the dispersal of your unwanted items.

Also, Moving! Hire GingerSugar for your next move. By coordinating from beginning to end, we’ll ensure a stress free moving experience. You’ll never move again without expert help.

Moving services:

1. Carefully and systematically pack up your entire household. Label and organize boxes.

2. Manage the movers. Oversee all wrapping and unwrapping of furniture. Supervise items going into and out of the truck. Place all furniture in position in the new home.

3. Completely unpack your new home. Everything from setting up the kitchen, to making the beds, to hanging the artwork and finding a spot for your pets.

4. Remove, recycle and discard all packing materials.

5. All you have to do is … start living!

Karen is a professional organizer and artist. She loves using both sides of her brain! Growing up in a family of nine, with two parents and seven kids in a small, four-bedroom house, staying organized was key to keeping everyone sane, and everything in its place. GingerSugar was started 10 years ago, after Karen helped downsize her family’s home of over 60 years and move her father into an assisted living facility. From personal experience, Karen knows how emotional and challenging it can be to help seniors and their family in transition.

Expert Tip: If it helps, think of keeping your home and life organized much like how you take care of your teeth. It isn’t a one-time thing. It’s a lifelong, daily habit that it is naturally part of your day. It’s also a twice a year check up, where you pay special attention and attend to anything that may become a bigger issue. And just like at the dentist, when needed, ask for expert help!

Contact Karen @ GingerSugar for a Free Consultation for your organizing project(s), household move, or senior move.

Karen Barela


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