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Stellar Superstars...Meet Ananda Lantaff of Mutual Security Mortgage

Ananda Lantaff is a Mortgage Banker with Mutual Security Mortgage in Boulder. In business since 2003, he has seen many changes in the industry, but has remained on top as one of the best. He is in the top 4 percent of mortgage lenders in the Denver market that has received the Five Star Award for 8 years or more.

The mortgage process can be intimidating and not explained very well at times, but Ananda wants to try and change that and become a trusted advisor to his clients. His goal is not only to give them the best rate possible, but to make sure that the mortgage they choose is the best one to fit their financial goals and needs. He’s seen too many people not care about not only where they get their mortgage, but what mortgage they get. Most people spend more time researching a new smart phone than a mortgage. But that’s when you need a professional on your side. Someone that searches and selects the best mortgage from over 20 different investors. Someone that makes sure the process is going to be as smooth and effortless as possible.

Ananda considers himself your advocate and guide to the mortgage process.

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