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How to take advantage of the current real estate market!

Thinking of buying or selling in 2021? Now is the time to prepare your house to sell or be poised to buy in a very competitive landscape. With some pre-planning and simple action steps while the snow melts, it's a great time to get your home ready to put on the market OR position yourself as a ready-to-move buyer.

SELLERS Stellar Properties' Jennifer Fox, a real estate investment and property management expert, offers some important advice: “Positioning your home to show in its’ best possible light will lead to an efficient sales process and ultimately garner top dollar. Putting your best foot forward from the moment the house lists can make all the difference for achieving your goals as a seller. Here are some easy, DYI, low-cost ideas you can do to have your home ready to shine."


  • First impressions: spruce up the front entrance, paint the front door, place potted flowers.

  • Wash windows (inside and out).

  • Boost curb and appeal with new shrubs; flowering plants. Mow lawn and trim bushes.

  • Remove any debris, excess furniture or supplies from the yard.

  • Use colorful umbrellas or pillows on outdoor furniture.


  • Get rid of clutter, empty kitchen counters and shelves in rooms.

  • Remove excess/oversized furniture.

  • Clean cupboards and closets.

  • Pay attention to smells, don’t cook food that lingers prior to a showing.

  • Put away personal items and photos; keep décor simple.

  • Boxed items and extra furniture can be placed in the garage.

  • All recessed light bulbs should be the same color, warm or bright white.

  • Fresh coat of interior paint, ideally white or neutral colors.

  • Use bright colors as accents. Pillows, blankets, shower curtains.

  • Live plants and fresh flowers placed around the house.

  • Turn the bathroom into a spa, fresh towels, plants and candles.

  • Keep toilet lid closed.

  • Set the dining room table.

BUYERS Boulder is currently classified as a SELLER'S market. Properties move quickly and often obtain competing offers. If you are looking to buy and don’t want to miss out on the perfect property, it’s critical to prepare yourself as a ready-to-act, attractive buyer. Stellar Properties experts offer these guidelines for positioning yourself as a successful buyer.

  • Check your credit and your debt to income ratio (DTI).

  • Start saving; build up extra cash reserves for earnest money or down payment.

  • Consult a lender and get pre-approved.

  • Investigate down payment assistance programs and loan programs.

  • Determine your budget, be realistic and honest about what you want to spend.

  • Start looking at neighborhoods, know where you want to be.

  • Determine the “must have” features of the home you are seeking.

With more than 20 years in the Boulder area market, the team at Stellar Properties can guide you in your most important purchase or sale. QUESTIONS? Ready to explore options in the marketplace or get advice for listing your home? #findtruedirection

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