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Five Stellar Tips for Home Organizing

TIP #1

Organize And Group Like Items Together So You Can Clearly See What You Own.

Do you have more than 1 ice cream scooper? Do you have 3 black, plain t-shirts? Do you have 6 sets of guest sheets? You know what? You only need one of each. All of these extra things add to clutter and each thing takes up space. Go through your drawers, closets and garage and pull like things together. Keep the one you use, and donate (or toss) the rest.

Expert Tip: On the first day of each month take just 10 minutes to re-fold and re-stack your sheets and towels. Put the most used items on top, move the flannel sheets to the top or bottom of the stack depending on the season, and move any ratty items to your rag pile.

TIP #2

Sort Through Your Belongings And Eliminate What You No Longer Use, Want Or Need.

Sometimes your things grow like moss on a rock. This can be especially true if you are a collector, or enjoy a hobby or crafting, or have kids! Next time someone gifts you a snow globe to add to your collection, take just 5 minutes and consider getting rid of just 3 pieces (or perhaps 10% of your collection?) that are ugly or not meaningful. Next time you start an art project, take just 10 minutes and determine if you will ever scrap-book again, or sew a skirt, or become a painter. Keep the things you are using, and donate the rest to ArtParts. They will happily take any crafting supplies you are no longer using.

Expert Tip: Next time you wrap a present, take just 10 minutes to sort and throw away unraveled bows, torn paper, empty tape dispensers, and anything that doesn’t belong in the wrapping section. If you have wrapping supplies stored in various drawers and closets throughout the home, gather everything together, sort and de-clutter, and put everything into one bin or box.

TIP #3

De-Clutter And Rearrange Spaces To Help Promote A Simpler Living Environment.

If you are consistently tripping over a rug, or bumping into the table, or can’t find your tax receipts, it’s time to fix the problem. Don’t let these daily or once a year challenges make you nuts. By setting aside a dedicated amount of time, say just 30 minutes, you could make adjustments to your living space that is driving you crazy. Set an alarm, tackle the problem, and stop when the alarm goes off. If you are in the zone, keep going. But honestly, by setting an alarm and stopping when it goes off, you won’t feel overwhelmed and in fact, you will pat yourself on your back for having tackled that annoying thing.

Expert Tip: When the time changes in the spring and fall, take just 10 minutes to clean out your kitchen junk drawer. By doing this regularly, twice a year, you’ll always be able to find your scissors, magic marker and measuring tape each and every time you need it!

TIP #4

Neatly Arrange The Items You Want And Are Keeping In An Accessible Manner.

If you have to hunt for your hiking shoes every time you are planning a hike, or can’t find your glue gun when you are ready for an art project, or you think you bought a new can of tennis balls for your occasional tennis games, but gosh, where did you put them? If these examples ring true, it’s time to get to work. The items you use regularly should take up and be in the most valuable “real estate” in your home. Meaning, the front hall closet where you need to keep your winter coats should not also have all of your games, glues guns and cans of tennis balls. If you have a kitchen pantry, it should contain only food and supplies related to eating and the preparation of food and dining. Decide which closets, drawers and spaces are your most valuable spots, and systematically move items in/out to make your daily life easier.

Expert Tip: Fall is a great season to purge and replace your spices. Your spice drawer/spice containers should be checked at least every other year. Ground spices last between 1-3 years, and your cooking and baking will improve when you use fresh spices. Check the expiration dates and toss dated spices into your compost bin.

TIP #5

Coordinate The Dispersal Of Your Unwanted Items.

There are so many great resources in Boulder County to donate and purge your unwanted items, and to safely dispose of or recycle items while still being kind to mother earth. In addition to the many thrift stores, these businesses should also be on your list.

Expert Tip: Every birthday and holiday that your kid gets new toys, have them select 3 toys they can donate. These toys should be in good shape. Also throw away another 3 toys that no longer work, are broken, or have lost their parts.

Art Parts is a non-profit creative reuse center in the heart of Boulder, Colorado. We accept donated, reusable industry surplus and creative materials from businesses and individuals, to resell at a discount to the public. Materials are organized by raw material such as glass, wood, metal, fiber, etc. Bike gears, paints, and papers are among the most popular and our Fiber Room brims with yarns, notions, trims, tools, and books. We also have a fascinating array of vintage and contemporary items.

An innovative nonprofit in Boulder, Colorado determined to make conservation so simple that you don’t even realize you’re doing it. A community hub for high-impact conservation programs, helping people improve their homes, conserve natural resources, and save money. Materials re-use donations, Tool Library, and Garden in a box are just a few of our innovative programs.

Donate, consign or get your sporting equipment fixed.

Recycle more types of plastics in Boulder County than ever before! Plus, electronics, mattresses, appliances, glass as so much more. Read the website for full details.

Drop off oils, paints, batteries, etc. Did you know you can also “shop” here … FREE! Spray paint, cleaning supplies and more.

Recyclable Materials can be dropped off by residents and small businesses at the public drop-off center, 24 hours and seven days per week.


Expert Tip: Every time you buy new dishwashing soap, take just 5 minutes to reorganize your cleaning supplies that are stored under the sink. Throw away any ratty sponges, refill the Windex bottle so it’s ready to go the next time you need it, and make a note to replace any low items on your next shopping trip.

Expert Tip: Every time you change or rotate your tires, clean out your trunk. Throw away or donate anything you haven’t used. Check your ice scraper and replace it if it’s chipped or broken. Get rid of extra ice scrapers, you only need one!

Contact Karen @ GingerSugar for a Free Consultation for your organizing project(s), household move, or Senior move.


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